The a-maze-ing Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge
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The a-maze-ing Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge


On Saturday 23rd August, over 400 children were entertained at the reading event at the Mitchell Library as part of the Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge initiative.

Run by charity The Reading Agency, in partnership with library services and Tesco Bank, the Challenge involves children joining the library and reading six books during the summer holidays, a time when children's literacy skills can dip with potentially damaging effects.

Tesco Bank’s support allowed Glasgow Life to invite award winning author Lari Don to the Mitchell Library, where she put on a special storytelling session which was designed to generate excitement and amaze the children.

As well as the session (which was based around the 2014 Mythical Maze theme) there was also an awards ceremony for those that had completed the challenge.

Each year the Challenge is based around an exciting new theme to inject fun and creativity, to motivating children to read for pleasure. This year’s theme “Mythical Maze”, illustrated by award-winning artist Sarah McIntyre, invites children to discover more about myths and legends from all over the world.
During Tesco Bank’s four year support of the programme in Scotland, the number of children participating has continued to rise, with over 40,000 children completing the challenge last year.

Lari Don, the award-winning author of the Fabled Beast Chronicles said:

“This year’s Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge Scotland has been the most magical reading challenge ever!  In libraries all over Scotland children have discovered myths, navigated mazes, defeated monsters, and lost themselves in wonderful books. I’m really delighted to meet and share the magic of the Mythical Maze with so many wonderful young readers in Glasgow, who have all worked so hard to complete the reading challenge.”

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