Complaints Performance Feedback 2015 - 2016

Complaints Performance Feedback 2015 - 2016

Performance Information On Complaints Handling

The complaints process is governed by the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman(SPSO).

Glasgow Life has a two stage complaints process.  

Stage One is called Frontline Resolution. At this stage we aim to resolve your complaint within five working days or sooner if possible.  If it is not possible or your complaint is complex it will be escalated to Stage Two for investigation.

Stage Two is called the Investigation Stage. When using the Investigation Stage we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days and provide a full response as soon as possible but no longer than 20 working days.  On occasion it may be necessary to extend the timescales after consultation and agreement with you.

Our performance response times for 2015/16:

​Stage One within ​Stage One outwith ​Stage Two within
​Stage Two outwith

2015/16 1,850​            498 67
           3 2,418



Overall % within Policy

2015/16*      79%                                           96%                               79% 
2014/15       75%                                           85%                               75%



*Subject to audit


After we have fully investigated a Stage Two complaint a third external stage is available if you are still dissatisfied.   A Stage Three investigation is carried out by the SPSO

In 2015/16 five complaints regarding Glasgow Life were referred to the SPS0 of which none were upheld.


Improvements Made Last Year:

Every year Glasgow Life implement a series of changes as a result of feedback from our customers. Here are some examples of service improvements we made last year:


         Improvements 15 16.jpg

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