Playing for Real Glasgow’s Play Strategy 2011/2014
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Playing for Real Glasgow’s Play Strategy 2011/2014

Glasgow Life has launched a visionary Play Strategy entitled ‘Playing for Real’, which sets out what is important about play and Glasgow’s priorities for play for the next three years.  The strategy underpins every child’s right to play and details how the city will protect and promote that right, through an improved understanding of play and its benefits.  Playing for Real is complimented by a Young Person’s version.

Glasgow’s Play Strategy is founded on the principle that play is fundamental to the development of healthy, happy children.  Further, that this ultimately contributes to a healthy, happy population and the development of a vibrant, fun city in which to grow up, live and work.  This premise brought together everyone who has a role in making sure children in Glasgow have the best opportunities to play and created Playing for Real. 

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