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Booklets and Directories

Arts and Inclusion

This booklet which documents a selection of arts and social inclusion projects is now available.  The booklet aims to help community groups and social work organisations develop and carry out good quality and enjoyable arts and inclusion projects.


Arts and Equalities Directory

The arts have a huge amount to offer and Glasgow has a huge amount of arts activity on offer. But how about those who do not easily get involved and take part? There are a number of organisations which focus on offering inclusive arts to specific groups, there is a spectrum of different models and approaches employed by arts organisations to widen access to the arts across the city, and there are many different organisations such as social work and housing associations working with the arts to promote equalities and engagement in the arts and community life. Activity is often tailored to appeal to a particualr group of people, delivered in a particualr area and aimed at breaking down a particular set of barriers preventing participation.
The following list of organisations maps out existing provision in Glasgow and gives a flavour of work happening across the UK. It provides a useful starting point for arts and equalities in the city and helps show the diversity of activity taking place.

Arts and Equalities directory.docArts and Equalities directory.doc

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