Older People


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Older People

Cultural Pathfinder for Older People 


The Cultural Pathfinder projects took place during 2007 and 2008 and were funded by the Scottish Government.  Glasgow's Pathfinder Project was for people over 60, particularly disadvantaged older people.

A range of exciting projects took place including an intergenerational dance project in north Glasgow, an outdoor big band experience in the west end and Big Draw Workshops in Museums and Galleries.  The Pathfinder also worked with the Glasgow based writer Chris Dolan who wrote a book of short stories call 'Hour after Hour', which looks at what it means to grow older in Glasgow.


Encourage is an arts programme for older people in Glasgow.  The project is a partnership between Strathclyde Senior Institute, Glasgow Arts and various arts organisations in Glasgow.  Encourage helps older people to access and engage in arts activities through a mixture of workshops and performances.  For more information and to view the Encourage programme please visit the website for Encourage.



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