Active Living Brochure

Older man activity class

If you are retired, thinking about retiring or aged 50+ with some spare time, this free brochure is just what you need!

Active Living is a 30 page brochure published by Glasgow Life specifically for people age 50+. Active Living provides information on a wide range of events, activities, visits and programmes such as tours to museums for talks and workshops, how to become a volunteer, joining walking groups or generally improving your health and fitness with activities including indoor bowls, swimming and dance classes, learning new languages-including Gaelic or even improving your computer skills.
A number of the activities are free or charged at significant concessions for retired people. The brochure is free and you can click here to download an electronic copy or alternatively you can request a copy by calling 0141 276 1785 or by picking one up at your nearest Glasgow Life venue.


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