We can help local communities make better use of existing facilities


Glasgow’s Community, Sport and Cultural Facilities Social Enterprise Fund will support local communities to make better use of existing buildings that are currently operating below full capacity or facing other challenges to remain sustainable in the present economic climate.

The fund will help support Glasgow to deliver a positive Legacy from the 2014 Commonwealth Games through:

  •  Supporting the operational & business capacity of communities to manage their venues and projects
  • Supporting local people to develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills to grow and expand services, generate revenue and improve financial sustainability
  • Facilitating community involvement and skills development resulting in projects that are initiated, designed, managed, and run by the local community
  • Creating a sustainable physical infrastructure which provides safe, accessible venues that support people through the different stages of life
  • Assisting communities to adapt and transform building spaces in ways which connect and resonate with them and their locality.


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