What will the Social Enterprise Fund support?

What will the Social Enterprise Fund support?

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​The Enterprise Fund will support the following:

  • Business Income and Development

    Business planning; feasibility studies to support new business development and diversification of business, seed fund money for new initiatives leading to sustainability; capital developments, equipment and refurbishments linked to income generation or new business opportunities; professional advice; research

  • Activity Development

    Training and monitoring to support programming, understanding/growing audiences, marketing, events (producing and programmes), community consultations, cultural and sports programme management, pilot initiatives leading to new activities and programmes, exchange visits to learn from other similar organisations
  • Governance and Organisational Development

    Training and development support for committees and volunteers, volunteer development, management training, organisational development.


    One of the key aims of the Fund is to develop the long term sustainability of organisations and to provide the opportunity for applicants to build their capacity.  

     To achieve this aim through the programme applicants, where need is identified, capacity building support will be provided by Glasgow Regeneration Agency through the fund programme on a commissioned basis and not be awarded to the applicant as a grant.




































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