Fitness Classes

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Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes
We know that trying out a fitness class may seem a daunting task, especially if you’ve not been active for a while or feeling a little self-conscious. 
That’s why we have handpicked a selection of classes we think would be a great starting point for you! You don’t have to be a member and there are concessionary discounts available – click here for a full list.
A lot of beginners are worried about not being fit enough or knowing the moves to a class, but starting slowly and taking small steps is the key to success!  You don’t have to stay for the whole class the first time either, you can give the first 20 minutes or so a go and build up slowly from there.  Our friendly instructors are on hand to help you learn the ropes and make sure you have fun!

Click on your chosen area below to see a list of our recommended activities.

For a limited time only Good Move will pay the cost of your first class (saving you up to £5.30) to help get you started!  To book your free class simply choose the activity you fancy and call 0300 343 0400.  

Not sure what the classes involve?  Give us a call, we’ll be happy to tell you all about them and why we think you’ll love them.

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