Community Physical Activity

Community Physical Activity

‚ÄčCommunity Health and Physical Activity Team

The team can assist you, your club, group or organisation in initiating or developing activities for a healthier lifestyle, as well as forging links between new and established partners in your local area to help improve services, to get you more active. The team can also be of assistance in taking the first steps to accessing Glasgow Life leisure centres, sports facilities and swimming pools where there are many opportunities for all ages to get more active more often in your local community.

Community Sports Club, Coach and Volunteer team

 The club, coaching and volunteer section is responsible for developing voluntary sports clubs within Glasgow. The team looks to bring in new volunteers and develop new clubs to create opportunities for young people to become involved in sport. A programme of coach education and training is available for volunteers to assist the development of sport in city and the team aim to support the growing network of community based sports clubs across Glasgow.

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