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World Youth Netball
World Youth Netball Championships - Glasgow 2013
From 22 - 31 August 2013, Scotland will welcome the World Youth Netball Championships (WYNC) to Glasgow. These Championships will see the sport of netball showcase its best players at under 21 level from 20 countries throughout the world.
Teams for the 2013 Championships are now confirmed with many of the top netball nations around the world taking part! Visit the Teams section of the website for full details.
Scotland’s netball community will be ready to welcome the world in 2013 and we hope you will be part of it – we invite you to participate in the WYNC in a number of ways such as coming to watch the games, signing up to be a volunteer or finding out about all the school, club and university engagement programmes to bring netball to every community in Scotland.
We know that the sport of netball will be at the core of this event; however we want all our international teams and guests to not just soak up and love the netball but also to enjoy our beautiful country, our friendly people and the unique range of activities, culture and leisure the city of Glasgow has to offer.  

This is a very proud moment as Scotland prepares to witness our first world event for the sport since 1987. Hosted at the brand new Emirates Arena, this will be Scotland’s leading indoor sports venue for netball, badminton, athletics, gymnastics and track cycling. Facilities within the venue will be truly world-class and provide a magnificent stage on which players and teams from arond the globe can demonstrate their skill, speed and ability.

We look forward to seeing you at the World Youth Netball Championships in 2013.

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