2013 World Cup Champions

2013 Champions

2013 Glasgow World Cup Champions

A sold-out Glasgow World Cup Gymnastics 2013 saw spectacular performances and nail-biting action. Congratulations to the new 2013 Glasgow World Cup Champions - Larisa Iordache of Romania and Oleg Verniaiev of Ukraine!

Final positions - Women's Artistic all-around competition:

  • 1st  - Larisa Iordache (Romania)
  • 2nd - Elizabeth Price (USA)
  • 3rd - Vanessa Ferrari (Italy)

Final positions - Men's Artistic all-around competition:

  • 1st - Oleg Verniaiev (Ukraine)
  • 2nd - Dan Purvis (Great Britain)
  • 3rd - Andre Likhovitskiy (Belarus)

2014 Glasgow World Cup Gymnastics will take place 6 December 2014 at the Emirates Arena. Book your tickets online now, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news and updates.

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