Ceilidh Comhla

Ceilidh Comhla

The Céilidh Cómhla team invite you to our gathering – an evening where we can céilidh together and reinvent this kind of meeting for an intercultural Scotland. There’ll be performance, music and dance, food and drink and we ask that you bring something to contribute which can be anything a  creative contribution or a practical one (like some cake!). ​

“We’re going to céilidh on you.”

We ask that you gather with us / We have things we want to share with you.
We ask you to come prepared – bring us an offering, a sharing: a song, a story, a poem, some food.  / We’ll make sure you’ll leave the unnecessary, the things you don’t need, at the door.
We’ve practiced our work song for walking the tweed / We ask you to sing a vocable of euphoria and release.
We’ll greet you in Scots, in Gaelic, in Shona, in Swahili / You can take those words with you in exchange for your own.
We’ve got ceremonies and rituals with tea pouring and cake cutting / you’ll have pauses and moments to think and reflect.
We’ll come as individuals like beads on a string / We’ll leave together, having put our spaces right.

 ‘A Ceilidh: A Scottish Gaelic word for a visit, a party or gathering. To ‘céilidh’ on someone is to visit and share with them. A céilidh can be two people or more.’

Future Céilidh Cómhla events


The creative team will work across into 2014 on this special ceilidh project. 

Working with a range of artists from different disciplines and cultural 

backgrounds, they will remake the ceilidh model for new audiences and events. 

Each Céilidh Cómhla will be unique and each will encourage new sharings and 

experiences for the audience and artist participants. ​

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