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Tron Theatre
62 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5HB
0141 552 4267

A short adaptation with extracts in Gaelic from MacBeth by William Shakespeare

Performed by Daibhidh Walker. 
Directed by Liz Carruthers. 

Translated by Ian MacDonald. 
Commissioned by Glaschu Beò. 

Thursday 29 November 
1.30pm (schools performance - sold out) & 8.30pm 

Shonaidh Macbeth is no ordinary man… sorry Shakespearian character. Straight off the ferry from South Uist he has stumbled into the Tron bar in Glasgow with wild stories about power, obsession, guilt, ghosts and treachery involving the great and the good of Gaelic Scotland. Not that far removed from a scene out of a Bòrd na Gàidligh board meeting!
Is he just drunk or is this the ramblings of a man gone mad by the demands of the woman he loves?​

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