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Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads

Library Staff and Users Recommendations

On these pages you will find reviews of books (and the occasional CD and DVD) that are available through Glasgow Libraries. Visit our online catalogue to reserve or order any item - and then pick it up at any library.

Maggie and Me – Damian Barr

Don’t let the thought of Margaret Thatcher put you off this warm, wonderful and witty memoir of a boy growing up in a depressed industrial area just outside Glasgow. It’s not a political book or a misery memoir but the chronicle of a young boy overcoming adversity from both within his dysfunctional family and from the wider community. He talks of the difficulty of growing up as a sensitive, gay teenager in a town of tough steel workers and heavy drinkers. This was happening at a time when even the Prime Minister seemed to be legislating against being sensitive and gay.
Although sometimes harrowing and upsetting, Barr’s good hearted humour shines throughout his prose. He writes beautifully, without anger or self-pity, about the appalling hardships he endured but eventually overcame to become the successful author he is today.  This book will make you laugh and cry but ultimately it will gladden your heart and make you want to cheer for the boy who discovered who he really was and made it out of the childhood from Hell.

Napoleon: Soldier of Destiny By Michael Broers

A powerful piece of work, like Napoleon Bonaparte himself, making use of new research to reinforce the image of a strong, determined, self-disciplined and hugely energetic leader. With great detail and plenty of illustrations, Michael Broers takes us on a journey describing Napoleon’s various key life stages including his beginnings in Corsica, early military campaigns, his relationship with Josephine, and on to his desire to conquer Europe.

This is where I am by Karen Campbell

This novel is a departure from her previous crime novels and follows the relationship of Abdi, a Somalian refugee and his mentor, Deborah, over a year. Like her previous novels This is where I am is set in Glasgow and uses Glaswegian dialect. Ultimately this is a story of loss and survival that is both touching and funny.
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