Bounce and Rhyme

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Bounce and Rhyme

A List of all our Bounce & Rhyme Activities Across the City

Please note that Over the Festive Period some of our bounce and rhyme classes may be cancelled. We recommend contacting the library before attending during December 2017 and early January. The festive opening hours for the libraries are available here​

a fun activity for parents, carers and children aged 0-2 with action songs, rhymes and stories that help children’s literacy and numeracy and are a great way for parents and carers to brush up on their nursery rhymes! 

Where to go to enjoy this fun?

​Anniesland ​Friday ​10.30am
​Baillieston ​Monday ​​1pm
​Baillieston ​Wednesday ​10.30am
​Barmulloch ​Tuesday ​10.30am
​Bridgeton ​Tuesday ​10.30am
​Bridgeton ​Friday ​10.30am
​Castlemilk ​Thursday ​10.30am
​Couper ​Monday ​1.30pm
​Dennistoun ​Monday ​10.30am
​Dennistoun ​Friday ​1pm
​Drumchapel ​Tuesday 1.30pm
​Elder Park *

​​Monday ​1.30pm
​Gorbals Monday ​1.30pm
​Gorbals Thursday ​1pm
​Govanhill ​Wednesday ​1.30pm
​Hillhead ​Monday ​10.30am
​Hillhead ​Friday ​2.00pm
​Ibrox ​Wednesday ​10.30am
​Knightswood ​Wednesday ​10.30am
​Langside (0-12 months)
​Monday  ​10.30am
​Langside (12-36 months) ​Wednesday  ​10.30am
​The Mitchell (0-1 years) ​Monday ​10.30am
​The Mitchell (1-2 years) ​Monday  ​​11.30am
​Library @ The Bridge ​Thursday ​1.00pm
​Maryhill **TEMPORARILY NOT RUNNING** **​Tuesday** **​10.30am*
​Parkhead ​Monday ​1pm
​Parkhead Wednesday
​Partick  ​Wednesday ​10.30am
​Partick   ​Tuesday ​​11am
​Pollok ​Wednesday ​10.30am
​Pollokshaws  ​Friday ​1.30pm
​Pollokshields ​Friday ​10.30am
​Possilpark  Friday ​​10.30am
​Riddrie ​Tuesday ​10.30am
Riddrie Tuesday​ ​12pm
​Shettleston ​Friday ​10.30am
​Springburn ​Thursday ​12pm
​Whiteinch ​Tuesday ​2pm
​Whiteinch ​Thursday ​1.30pm
​Woodside **TEMPORARILY NOT RUNNING** **Tuesday** **​10.30am*

Why Is Bounce and Rhyme Important?

Bounce and Rhyme provides a FUN opportunity for parents, carers and children to:
  • sing
  • read 
  • talk together


helping to improve literacy and numeracy skills in their pre-school and school years.

As you read, sing and repeat rhymes and share stories with your children you are not only having fun but your are helping your child to increase their vocabulary and develop skills and knowledge which can improve speech, language and communication skills.​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You can find more pre-5 activities here. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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