Christmas Mini Challenge 2017

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Christmas Mini Challenge 2017

​Help your child keep up their reading habits during the festivities this year!

2nd December until 3rd January. 

Our hugely successful Summer Reading Challenge has proven that children who read throughout the school holidays avoid a dip in their reading skills at the beginning of a new term. 
This year we're keeping the momentum up over the Christmas period. It's such an exciting time of year, with so many different distractions meaning that reading and learning are often furthest away in a child's mind. Our Christmas Mini Challenge helps children maintain their enthusiasm for reading by tasking them with reading at least 3 books from 2nd December until 3rd January... 

Here's how to get involved

  • Visit your local library to borrow 3 books or...
  • Download an ebook from our online catalogue
  • Once your child has read 3 books tell our library staff who will issue you with a certificate of achievement.
Take a look at our suggested reads or ask our helpful library staff who are on hand to offer help with selecting new and exciting children's books, opening up a whole new world of reading!


Whether you are a parent, grand-parent, aunt or uncle, you can help a child you know to do the challenge. Reading with children is hugely rewarding and presents a great opportunity to spend quality time together whilst you both use your imagination and have a bit of fun! 

Visit your local library today to find out more and sign up for the challenge.

Happy Reading! 
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