Introductory Courses

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Introductory Courses

New to computers? Glasgow Libraries run courses suitable for beginners


Getting Started


Designed for individuals who have little or no computer experience, this course covers every aspect : from switching on the computer, using a mouse, exploring the basics of word processing to searching the Internet and sending emails. This is a fun and informal introduction to computers.

FREE, tutor led 2-hour classes which run for 5 weeks.

  • Getting Started with Computers
  • Getting Started with Word
  • Getting Started with Internet
  • Getting Started with E-Commerce and Media
  • Getting Started with Email




Designed for individuals who are looking to learn or update computer skills to help improve their employability.  Suitable for absolute beginners, this course covers:
FREE, tutor led 2-hour classes which run for 4weeks.
  • Getting Started with Computers
  • Getting Started Online Job-Searching including Universal Job Match
  • Getting Started with C.V.
  • Getting Started with Email
Classes are run by experienced staff who will guide you through the course in the relaxed and friendly environment of our Library Learning Centres.
To find out more about these classes, please contact your local library or one of the Area Learning Teams listed below. Or email:
​North East Area Learning Team ​0141 276 1644
​South East Area Learning Team ​0141 429 0949
​South West Area Learning Team ​0141 276 6877 ​0141 276 0712
​North West Area Learning Team 0141 276 1547​
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