Glasgow Libraries eBooks and Audiobooks Frequently Asked Questions

​Why can't I log into the eBook and Audiobook Digital Library?

There are a number of reasons why your library card may not allow you to log into the eBook and Audiobook site.

If you receive the error message ‘The specified account information is not valid,’ this means that your library card number or PIN is incorrect. If you have forgotten your PIN please contact your local library or with your library card and your PIN will be provided. 

If you also receive the error message ‘Your borrower status means this item cannot be issued. Please ask for assistance,’ your library card has some matters which need to be dealt with before you can use the service.  If you are experiencing this error message either contact your local library and they can check your library card, or use the Contact Us option with the details of the problem you are experiencing and any error message you receive.

if you also receive the error message 'Invalid Library Card: UNREGnnnnn. Not a valid Glasgow Libraries Card,' you have a temporary card number. Please visit your local library with ID to have your library card issued.


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