Chi Gung Classes

Chi Gung Classes

New Macmillan Chi Gung Classes 

If you are not sure that Chi Gung is for you then have a look on the right at a personal story of someone who has benefited from Chi Gung.​

​​Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries has recently launched a new class specifically designed to help any individual affected by cancer called Chi Gung.

Chi Gung is a soft practice which can be delivered without the need for special clothes or equipment and can be enjoyed either standing or sitting down. It’s an alternative approach to leisure centre based classes for those who feel less able, but would like to benefit from the peer support and gentle activity that a Chi Gung class could offer.

Chi Gung is the ancient Chinese practice of aligning breath and movement, with mental and spiritual awareness. We create a fun and relaxed learning environment,this form of activity does not rely on physical strength and has been found to be easy and acceptable for both men and women of all ages. Chi Gung has been found to: 

·         Increase focus and a more peaceful mind

·         Improve breathing

·         Improve muscular tone

·         Improve balance and coordination

At present, we have classes available in Parkhead, Pollok and the Mitchell library across different days/times and accept referrals from anyone across Glasgow who is affected by cancer, including patients, carers, family members and friends. All referrals should be submitted via telephone call prior to attending any classes to 0141 287 2906.​​

​​If you are interested in attending Chi Gung please contact:

Macmillan Chi Gung Team


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