What our service users and volunteers say about us

 ‘My experience of volunteering so far has shown me the great strength and resilience those affected by cancer possess, which in turn inspires me greatly. The support I have received from Macmillan as a volunteer has been absolutely fantastic. The staff at Macmillan have been so friendly and welcoming since day 1 –  making my volunteering experience even more enjoyable and stress free.’  Cally (Volunteer)

“Libraries are in the heart of the community. They’re open to everyone, they’re neutral, and they’re accessible. You know, you can be anonymous.”

"I feel that it helps the service users by just being there and providing a listening ear" Heather (Volunteer)

‘We’re so lucky to have the Macmillan service close by.  The financial problems would have been too much to cope with on our own’ Anne 

“I feel I don't want to talk about it anywhere, except in here, I feel I don't want to talk about it because it’s not going to get a grip of me ... this [service] is mine, nobody else’s... family’s family...this is mine, and there's a big divide between the two of them.” Anonymous

‘Helping others is a sure fire way to help yourself.   Volunteering to try and make someone's life better is a two way process and you gain as much as, or more than, you give.’ Mary (Volunteer)

‘You wouldn’t think that a kettle and three sofas could make so much difference. But they do.’ Dennis

‘Being involved in volunteering since the service opened in The Bridge I find it really exciting that the service is now becoming available to people all over Glasgow.  I thought it was a real shame when I spoke to people and they stayed too far from Easterhouse.  People feeling so unwell usually didn't feel able to travel across the city.  I know the benefits service could do home visits but the face to face contact in the drop-in is totally different.  For service users to be able to talk to other people going through a similar experience and feel they are not alone is priceless.’  Maureen (Volunteer)

“Cause I come from a distance away and it was just wonderful, absolutely wonderful to be able to talk to faces that I didn’t know about it, we’re the same, you know it just released a lot of pressure that was built up.” Anonymous

“I was feeling quite isolated and alone, but the service really helped. Before that I was feeling quite low. I went through depression and they put me in touch with a counsellor. They were fantastic to talk to.” Frances

“No matter how much help I think you can get from the likes of from leaflets ... the actual physical chatting and being in a wee group, nothing can beat that, nothing at all.” Anonymous


Thank you I feel better with the knowledge l have now, as I don't have any family and only a small handful friends…I don't want to burden them with mine (my problems) to have someone like yourself who understands and wants to help has been wonderful”. Thanks,Emma​


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