Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Experience

  • Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries

Our volunteer team donate their time unpaid, allowing us to grow these services and reach the people who need us the most.  Our volunteers join the programme for many reasons.

June is an Information and Support Volunteer at Macmillan @ Pollok Library she talks about her reasons for volunteering:

“When my Mum had cancer I took her to some of her chemotherapy appointments. As I chatted with some of the other patients I was shocked and upset to find that some of them did not have anyone at home to talk to or help them with information on benefits etc. Sometimes they had family but they did not want to upset them by talking about their cancer concerns or needs. When I retired in 2012 I decided that I would like to help people diagnosed with cancer and give something back to Macmillan in memory of my Mum. The drop-in service at Glasgow Libraries ticked all my boxes” June 

 Maureen currently volunteers in the Macmillan service within the Gorbals library, here she talks about her reasons ​for applying to the programme:​

“Having seen a recruitment advert for Information and Support Volunteers with Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries I read up on the project and felt it was something I would enjoy being part of. It would allow me to increase my knowledge around cancer, give something back and offer emotional and financial support making a difference to the quality of life of those affected by cancer”​  Maureen 

For more info contact our Macmillan Volunteering Assistant on 0141 287 2924 or email: macmillan@glasgowlife.org.uk

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