Donnie's Story

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Donnie's Story

Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries
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Donnie McDonald, 53, cancer was discovered after noticing blood in stool. I had a 3 year battle with colon and liver cancer requiring two urgent major operations in same year where 20% of my liver was removed. I struggled with chemo and radiotherapy treatment. Recovery was long, slow and painful trying to heal and regain energy levels and mobility. I am grateful for the skills of the surgeons, doctors and nurses of the NHS.

I met Pip who listened to my problems regarding fitness and mobility​​
I had magnificent support from my wife Liz, daughter Claire and close family who continually cared for me and encouraged me to fight when all seemed lost. Recent scans continually show no return of cancer and thanks to the Move More program I have reached a level of fitness and mobility that has allowed me to get my life back and return to work.

I came across Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries on a visit to Pennilee Community Centre where an outreach session was being held. There I met Pip who listened to my problems regarding fitness and mobility and suggested the Move More program. She was correct; it was exactly what I needed.

From the time I first spoke to Pip to actually attending the classes was very quick. I was informed of the other services, but I choose to go to the Move More program.

Gentle exercising and meeting others who are also recovering from cancer has been a great help. Rona and Jan in the circuit classes have shown me that I can still exercise with my mobility limitations without the fear of hurting myself.
The Move More class has helped me gain a level of fitness and mobility that gave me back my confidence.​

Thank you.

The Move More class has helped me gain a level of fitness and mobility that gave me back my confidence.

Three words that sum up my experience with Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries are: Helpful, fun and thanks (for being there).

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