Jennifer's Story

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Jennifer's Story

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What does Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries mean to me? It means bringing the best together; public libraries are freely accessible to all and Macmillan deliver a range of cancer support services that can be accessed by simply visiting your public library in Glasgow.

I have been volunteering with Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries since August 2015. I got involved because my family has been touched by cancer in the past and I would have valued accessing a service like Macmillan @ Glasgow at the time. 

I decided to volunteer as I thought that I would be able to do the role and find it rewarding, the professional training offered by Macmillan influenced my decision. 

It is incredibly rewarding to be able to support service users.

The first time I engaged with a service user I realised that as well as listening to them I was also able to direct them to an additional Macmillan support service.

Having the service in libraries has been successful as public libraries offer a trustworthy environment available to everyone that is ideal for Macmillan services.

It is incredibly rewarding to be able to support service users.​
Being a Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Volunteer I have discovered the importance of listening; I can see how valuable it is for service users to be able to express themselves.

Three words that sum up my volunteering experience with Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries are: supportive, rewarding and friendly.

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