Learn new skills using our free PCs

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Learn new skills using our free PCs

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We'll get you started! 

If you or someone you know finds the very thought of​​ technology brings them out in a cold sweat, using a PC at your local library could be just the cure! 
Our staff are friendly and helpful and they understand how daunting it can be to begin using computers for the first time. They'll help you get started, including logging in and finding the web page you're looking for and they're always on hand to help you navigate through any issues.
We also run lots of classes designed to help you become more familiar with using computers and navigating your way through the digital world. Find a class near you today.​​
One of many great reasons for using PCs at your local library! With 33 libraries across the city – find yours​.
If you feel like you could use some extra support, we have a new service which could be just the thing! 
Called Get online with a Digi PAL, the service is currently available at 17 libraries across the city and is provided by our friendly team of volunteers. You can get help with using one of the library PCs or with your own laptop, smartphone or tablet.
We are also rolling out free wifi to all our libraries in 2016, which will make it even easier to make use of this great new service.
Get more information on where you can find our Digi-PAL volunteers here
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