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Archives for Family History

Glasgow City Archives can help you find out so much more about your ancestors and how they lived their lives.  Enjoy that special thrill when you discover original documents and share first-hand their experiences, allowing you to make a real connection with long-gone ancestors.  

Poor Law Archives

Use Poor Law  Archives to discover the often sad, sometimes funny stories about the poorest members of society.  Was your ancestor  ‘an awful boozer’, the mother of illegitimate children, a convict, a man who deserted his family or just a poor person struggling to make ends meet in very harsh times? 

Church Archives

Use Church Archives to discover vital clues about your family and learn about the ‘sinners' brought before the session for drunkenness, gambling, scandal-mongering and fornication.

These and our many other collections can uncover vital genealogical information and help you to identify with and make connections with your ancestors.  Our Family History leaflet will tell you more about the wonderful documentary heritage of Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

Your archives, your history and your stories to help you discover your ancestors.

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