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Local Government Employees

Local Government Employees

Have you found an ancestor who worked for the Council?   Perhaps he was a tramways conductor or maybe he was an engineer in the Glasgow’s Office of Public Works.  Or did your Great-Aunt Agnes work in the Assessors Department?

There are annual lists of mainly white-collar workers in Glasgow Corporation from the 1890s.  For your ‘clippie’, you need to rely on superannuation records form the 1920s.  More promising are the records of professional staff, such as the teachers, firemen and policemen.

You will find teachers’ record cards and other lists of school teachers.  Check the school log book and discover what classes your ancestor taught and see notes about their ‘sickies’. 

Police Archives

Are you the proud descendant of a policeman in the Strathclyde area?  Maybe you will need to think again when you discover that your ancestor was frequently ‘worse for liquor’, ‘asleep on duty’ or ‘took a civilian in without just cause’.  Or perhaps your pride will be justified as you read that he was rewarded for ‘stopping a runaway horse’ or ‘bringing in a criminal’. Our Police Archives Section will give you more information on tracing these details.

Or maybe your ancestor is a fireman and you can find a record of his service in the personnel registers.

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