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Sasines are records of the transfer of ownership of land or of a building. 

The City Archives hold the original registers of Sasines for the Burgh of Glasgow from 1694-1927. The Burgh Register of Sasines for Glasgow relates to properties within a small area in the old town centre, north of the river, between Stobcross and Gallowgate.

The Archives also hold printed Abridgements of Sasines for the other areas of Strathclyde (excluding the burghs), dating from 1781 to the 1970s/80s:

  • Argyll                          

  • Ayrshire                                              

  • Bute                            

  • Dunbartonshire

  • Glasgow Barony and Regality

  • Glasgow Burgh (only from 1917-1927)

  • Lanarkshire

  • Renfrewshire

The original Registers of these Sasines are held in the National Archives of Scotland.

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