11th March 1957 - The Start of Glasgow's Mass X-Ray Campaign Against Tuberculosis

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11th March 1957 - The Start of Glasgow's Mass X-Ray Campaign Against Tuberculosis

A mass x-ray survey was held in Glasgow from 11th March to 12th April 1957.

During this five-week period 714,915 people were x-rayed by 37 mobile units. In all, 2,842 cases of tuberculosis were diagnosed and 5,379 cases requiring observation were discovered.
Publicity was the key to the campaign’s success: from press conferences to pay packet leaflets; from illuminated tram cars to rock and roll songs; and from loud-speaker vans to prizes. The campaign was creative and well-organised.
As a result, people queued round the block for their chance to be part of this huge civic enterprise as the photograph of the x-ray unit in George Square shows.
One reason for the campaign’s popularity was that everyone x-rayed received a badge. The original target for the campaign had been to x-ray 250,000 people. That target was reached in the second week. Supplies of the original enamel badge soon ran out. Volunteers had to make cardboard substitutes!

x-ray campaign posters - annual report web version.jpg

D-HE/1/1/53 – Some publicity for the campaign from the Medical Officer  of Health’s Annual Report
queues in george square web version.jpg

D-AP9/06/25/074 – Queues at the X-ray unit in George Square
D-HE-6-9-16 abel totting tb poster - web version.jpg

D-HE-6-9-13 ted slogger poster web version.jpg

​ ​D-HE/6/9/13 &16 – Posters produced by the National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis 1957
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