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British Standards

British Standards

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*New enhancements to BSOL mean you will need to have Silverlight installed on your computer if you are viewing standards from home. Silverlight is a free internet browser plug-in made by Microsoft.
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British Standards Online is now available, free of charge, in all Glasgow Libraries and also remotely from work or home via our online catalogue (Glasgow Library card required).  


While we are updating our online catalogue remote access to BSI will be unavailable. Access is still available within any Glasgow Library and remote access will be available again shortly.

British Standards Online is a service provided by the British Standards Institution and provides access to 27,000 historical, draft and current standards.


The British Standard Institution defines a standard as ‘an agreed, repeatable way of doing something’. They are designed to make life simpler and to increase safety, efficiency and effectiveness of goods, services and products that we use.



Demonstrating compliance with these widely recognised standards provides a ‘badge’ marking you out from the competition no matter the size of your business.

Compliance with British Standards allows you or your company to:  

  • attract and assure customers

  • demonstrate market leadership 

  • create competitive advantage 

  • develop and maintain best practice


You can view British Standards from any Glasgow Library or from work or home with a Glasgow Library card. To print or purchase a full British Standard contact Business @ The Mitchell.

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