Mint - UK and foreign companies

Mint - UK and foreign companies

Welcome to the world of Mint

Mint UK combines information from 11 specialist sources. The information is presented in four separate modules: companies, news, market research and directors.

  • Build your own company reports and lists.
  • Detailed financials (where available) on all UK companies.
  • Help with with sales and targeted marketing projects
  • Research new regions
  • Find out more about a company before you approach or pitch for business


Mint Global  contains information on over 75 million companies around the world.  Mint Global combines information from hundreds of different sources. The company information providers (IPs) are selected for their expertise in their locality or specialism.

Mint Global has five modules: companies, news, market research, executives and original documents. You can search each module separately for specific results or access the companies module where all the information is combined.

The information in Mint Global has been selected to give you a practical tool for researching companies, regions and industries. The news and market research modules give you the information to put a company’s or sector’s performance in context.


You can also research more general topics that impact on companies such as the competitive landscape of a specific market, or business and economic topics or political events.

































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