Importing & Exporting

Importing & Exporting

Whether you need to import materials for your products or are looking to expand your business overseas the importing and exporting process can be complex.
It is important to be aware of the issues that are involved to ensure compliance with the law and to be clear on what you want to achieve.





The Tariff 

The Tariff provides essential information for importers and exporters, setting out the duties and measures affecting the transit of goods to and from the UK.
The Tariff is available via password in Business @ The Mitchell.






Cobra has a number of helpful factsheets covering all you need to know about importing and exporting. It also provides links to some useful tools to help you with issues such as payment processes and exchange rates.
Find out more from Cobra - which you can access from work or home with your library card number – in the related documents section.




Key Note

When exporting it is essential to carry out comprehensive and detailed market research to gain a thorough understanding of your target customers overseas.
The Key Note market research report on 'Freight Forwarding' is available in all Glasgow libraries. This comprehensive report provides information on the strengths, opportunities and forecasts for the industry.







Mint UK 

Find out about the companies you are dealing with by searching for them on Mint UK.

You can also use Mint UK to create a suppliers list or identify manufacturers. Profits can be displayed by business line and by geographic sales.

Mint UK is available via password in Business @ The Mitchell.


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