Intellectual Property: Trade Marks

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Intellectual Property: Trade Marks

What Is A Trade Mark? 

A trade mark is a sign, symbol or other distinguishing mark that distinguish the goods or services of one provider from another. They cannot include common surnames, geographical names, registered company names or anything implying royal patronage.

Searching for and Registering Trade Marks

Business @ The Mitchell can find out if a mark is already registered for you  using the online MARQUESA subscription database – contact us with any query or visit the library to use this FREE SERVICE.

Try MARQUESA Search System - one of the  most advanced trade mark search systems in the world. Ask for access in Business @ The Mitchell

Once your Trade Mark is registered you must pay a fee every ten years to keep it protected and prove that it has been used in commerce without becoming too generic (ie. Hoover) to renew it.

There are several other online resources where you can search for existing trade marks and register your own:

UK Intellectual Property Office: Search for UK trade marks and apply to register a trade mark.

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM): The Trade Marks and Designs Registration of the European Union.

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO): the US agency for granting US patents and trade marks

Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks: this organisation enables trademark owners the option of protecting the trade mark in several countries with one filing. 


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