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Family History

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Family History

The Mitchell is a one-stop shop for the family historian, enabling you to research your Scottish ancestors from cradle to grave and everything in between.


The Mitchell houses the major resources to trace your family history in Glasgow, and throughout Scotland, and will help you discover all about your ancestors and how they lived their lives.  


Begin your search using the Registrars on Level 3 of the Mitchell where you can access for a daily fee all the vital records for family history, including: civil registration of births, marriages and deaths up from 1855 to date, OPRs, and census, 1841-1901 for all of Scotland. Please note that the Registrars operate different opening times and public holidays​ from other resources at the Mitchell Library.​

Family History Centre

You will find many useful resources in the Family History Centre, also on Level 3, which includes: microfilm copies of census and OPRs for large parts of Scotland; burials; directories, monumental inscriptions; Ancestry Library Edition and much more besides.  You can also enjoy the rich information contained in local newspapers in the Glasgow Collection.


The Mitchell also houses the City’s Archives on Level 2 where you will discover the wonderful documentary heritage of the City and the West of Scotland, which includes poor law, church, school and many other archive collections which help you identify and make connections with your ancestors.

If you’re a beginner, a useful place to start is How To Research Your Family Tree.

Family History Centre Opening Hours


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