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Births, Marriages and Deaths

Briths Marriages and Deaths

Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths

Begin to explore the fascinating world of your Scottish Family History by accessing the digitised copies of the official records of births, marriages and deaths, from 1855 to date, for all of Scotland

Births, Marriages and Deaths

The statutory registers comprise the official records of births, marriages and deaths in Scotland from 1 January 1855 when civil registration replaced the old system of registration by parishes of the Established Church (Church of Scotland). From 1855, registration became compulsory, regardless of religious denomination, and followed a standard format for each record type. More information was required in order to register an event, particularly at the start of the new system.

 You can access the indexes and images of Scottish births, marriages and deaths from 1855-2006, together with OPRs, census and other records, here in the Mitchell in the Registrar’s, Genealogy Centre, Level 3. 

This includes various Minor Records which detail the register of births, deaths and marriages that took place outside Scotland where it appears that one of the child's parents, or the deceased person, was usually resident in Scotland.

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