Daniell and Ayton's Voyage Around Great Britain

Daniell and Ayton's Voyage Around Great Britain

Inside Fingal's Cave, from Daniell & Ayton's Voyage Around Britain (1813-24)

William Daniell:  A Voyage Around Great Britain, undertaken in the summer of the year 1813... With a series of views illustrative of the character and prominent features of the coast. 

8 volumes, 1814-25

In 1814, artist/engraver William Daniell (1769-1837) set out to record the people and places around the coastline of Britain. He was accompanied by Richard Ayton (1726-1823) a freelance playwright and author, whose task was to provide text to accompany Daniell's illustrations. 

They travelled from Land's End to John O' Groats up the West coast and then returned back to Land's End via the East coast. The resulting 8 volumes, celebrating the coastline of Britain, are acknowledged to be one of finest series of aquatint engravings before the advent of photography.
The Mitchell Library is fortunate to have a complete copy of this work - often volumes are “broken up” by art dealers and the illustrations sold individually.  Reproduced illustrations, covering all locations, are available to buy and would make an ideal gift. Please contact the staff in Special Collections for more information.
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