Finding Aids

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Finding Aids

Some Special Collections are not listed in the online catalogue, however, there are a number of in-house Finding Aids to help you locate this material. These include: 

​​​Catalogue of Manuscripts
​Periodicals Catalogue
​Scottish Poetry Catalogue
​Index to Early Glasgow Views​​
​Literary Manuscripts
​Early Glasgow Printing
​​​North British Locomotive Collection
​Robert Burns Collection
​Thomas Lipton Collection
​Robert Jeffrey Library

This list is not comprehensive. Please contact Special Collections if you need help with locating any material held in that department. 

Lists for Private Press books and Scottish Regimental Histories are both available to browse online. See links at left. 

Please note: all books and pamphlets acquired by The Mitchell Library before 19760 are recorded on card or microfiche. These catalogues can only be consulted within the Library - staff will be happy to show you how to search them.
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