A Vision For Glasgow Libraries

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A Vision For Glasgow Libraries



Thank you to everyone who contributed to our vision for glasgow libraries survey. 

Over the last few months, nearly 3000 people have provided us with their  views on Glasgow Libraries and what they mean to them. So, how did we do this?

  • We carried out community consultation events in 9 libraries across the city, talking to over 60 people about  their local library.
  • We undertook a large-scale User Survey in 15 community libraries and the Mitchell collecting feedback from 1401 people.
  • We carried out an Online Non User Survey and received 327 responses.
  • We carried out an Online User Survey and received 916 responses.
  • We asked our community, third and voluntary sectors partners to complete a survey on behalf of their service users and 86 provided us with feedback.
  • We asked our staff to tell us their views and their ideas for the future.

We have been delighted and overwhelmed by the level of engagement we have received from everyone, and would very much like to thank you for taking the time to be involved.

We have reviewed all of the information and have used this to help to shape the Vision for Glasgow Libraries. We would now like to share this vision with you. ​

We will continue to keep you informed and ask for involvement in helping to shape our library service as we move forward with implementing our vision.

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