About the Artists

The following artists have been invited to play inside and out of the ATELIER PUBLIC#2 exhibition space.

Emma Balkind

​​Emma Balkind is an AHRC PhD Candidate at Glasgow School of Art.  Estovers, a public-facing research project, will engage with other artists to consider what are the basic similarities between different evocations of the CommonBalkind is also currently producing Sick Sick Sick: The Books of Ornery Women a project on female authorship and radical subjectivity in partnership with Laura Edbrook and MAP magazine. 

t.s. Beall​

t s Beall is a new-media artist based in Glasgow, UK whose current work explores how the camera and digital media have shifted our notions of place, and how landscape is both imaged and imagined by modern technology.

Sonic Bothy​

Sonic Bothy is a new inclusive ensemble that explores, composes and performs contemporary music of all kinds, drawing inspiration from Glasgow’s rich musical life. They bring together musicians of all abilities to work together to extend their musical knowledge, composition and performance skills.

Brian Hartley​

Brian Hartley is a Glasgow based artist whose multi-disciplinary work combines visual art and design, theatre and dance and extensive work in arts education. 

Modern Edinburgh Film School / Alex Hetherington​

Alex Hetherington is a visual artist with a practice in film, text and sculpture who works under the title Modern Edinburgh Film School. He produces complex projects on the ideas of film, poetic form and sculptural process. ​

Tom Nolan

Catherine Payton is a visual artist based in Edinburgh).She was selected as part of the Collective’s New Work Scotland Programme in 2010. She is also co-founder and committee members at Rhubaba, an artist-run gallery and artist studios in Edinburgh. 

Anthony Schrag​

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