Museums Service Review

Museums Service Review

Mini Museum at Kelvingrove
We regularly review our performance to ensure we are delivering the very best service. Every quarter we measure our performance against our service standards. 

October 2012 - December 2012

Below are the results of our performance verses our organisational service standards between October 2012 - December 2012. ​

All Venues​
​1. Offer a safe, clean and accessible
​93.00% ​88.75%* ​87.86% ​82.78%
​2. Be recognisable by our badge or uniform. ​2200 ​90.00% ​81.25%* ​92.86% ​85.16%
​3. Be professional and courteous. ​200, 2300 ​90.00% ​84.38%* ​96.43% ​83.80%
​4. Ensure that our staff is supported to help and advise customers about our services or put our customers in touch with the right person to answer their query. ​300 ​90.00% ​100.00%* ​78.57% ​77.78%
​5. Be open to everyone regardless of race, religion or belief, gender identity, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation or pregnancy. 3300​ ​90.00% ​80.00%* ​100.00% ​83.33%

​Be respectful of our customer's individual needs ​98.7% (1)
​6. Ensure information about access to our services is available in a range of formats on request, including Braille, large print, audio and community languages including British sign language. ​2500 ​95.00% ​87.50%* ​96.43% ​​87.96%​
​​​Inform our customers in advance of any changes to our service where possible 100% (2)
​Respect our customers' confidentiality ​100% (3)
​Aim to meet our customers and visitors with an appointment within 5 minutes of the agreed appointment time ​96%
​Aim to answer telephone calls within 15 seconds ​87%
​Answer telephone calls by introducing ourselves by name and service area  ​95%
​Take contact details to pass on if we are unable to transfer your call immediately ​82% (4)
​Respond to voicemail within 1 working day ​N/A (5)
​Respond to email and textphone enquiries within 5 working days ​94% (6)
​Respond to letters and faxes within 5 working days ​100% (7)
​Endeavour to contact our customers to acknowledge their enquiry if​ we are unable to provide a full response within these timescales ​96% (7)
​* Based on Mystery Visit Report Q3 11/12
(1) Of 4,682 complaints received during 2011/12 98.7%  were resolved at stage one.
(2) In a sample of customer comments for Q3 11/12 there were no complaints regarding changes to our services.
(3) In a sample of customer comments for Q3 11/12 there were no complaints regarding privacy or confidentiality.
(4) In a survey of 29 phone calls where a named member of staff was not available 48% of callers were asked if they would like to leave a message and 34% were transferred to someone who could answer their enquiry or it was dealt with by the staff member who answered.
(5) Not applicable - voicemail not used within Glasgow Museums
(6) Based on a sample of 63 emails received via CSG Museums Inbox between 1 Jan and 12 Mar 2013
(7) Based on customer comments received during Q3 11/12
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