People's Palace

People's Palace

Explore the development of the city and people of Glasgow from 1750 to the present day.  Discover how Glasgow became the industrial ‘workshop of the world’, find out about tenement life, or explore the experience of Glaswegians during World War 2. 

Workshops on offer include Slavery past and present, the Swinging Sixties and A Glasgow Home: Then and Now. For more details of these and other workshops, see the session overviews below.

Please see pages 12-13 of the Workshop Programme (EY & Pri) brochure or pages 6 and 9 of the Workshop Programme (Sec)​ brochure​ from the related documents on the right.

All of our sessions can be adapted for learners with Additional Support Needs - please discuss with our team when booking. 

Pre-Visit Information

Have you already booked a visit? Download a copy of our pre-visit information sheet here​ to find out more.


Changing Technologies - Washdays: Download our colour images and information relating to washdays gone by.  

Changing Technologies - Entertainment: Download​ our colour images detailing how phones and household entertainment has changed over the past century.  

WWll Post-Visit PowerPoint: Download this powerpoint​ containing images and Higher Order thinking questions to continue learning back in class, following our WWII workshop.

Discover the nations’ art collections: Take a look at this fantastic website with over 200,000 artworks from public collections throughout the UK, including Glasgow Museums. You can search by artist, artwork or a chosen theme. Visit Art UK.
How Glasgow Flourished: ​​To discover more about Glasgow’s history, including how trade and industry shaped the city we know today, visit How Glasgow Flourished. ​​​​
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