25 Things to Do in Museums Before You are 5

25 Things to Do in Museums Before You are 5

This beautifully illustrated booklet for children under five has lots of ideas for fun things to see and do in our museums. Activities include dressing up as an explorer, playing peek-a-boo, posing like a statue and going on a dragon hunt, each activity taking place in one of our many wonderful museums in Glasgow. 

Children will enjoy meeting our new character, Museum Mouse, who guides them through the booklet and helps them along the way. 

The booklets are available from any one of our nine venues and are free of charge. Just ask for one at the Enquiries Desk during your visit. Once your child has completed the activities for that venue, head back to the Enquiries Desk to get a sticker to put in your booklet. 

Why not take on our challenge and try to visit all nine museums and complete ​the 25 activities listed?

Once you have finished all 25 things, download the certificate from the link at the side. 

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