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1940s Medal Winners

1940s medalsJimmy MacGregor collects his art competition medal
Glasgow Museums has been running its annual Young Person's Art Competition for over 100 years.
We recently discovered a box of over 60 unclaimed competition medals from the 1940s, and are now trying to reunite them with their rightful owners.
Glasgow writer and singer Jimmy Macgregor (pictured) was a winner in 1943 but never collected his medal. Now he has come to claim it, almost 60 years later, and to help us launch our search.
All of the medals are inscribed with the winners’ names and most of their boxes give the year they were won, and the name of the schools the winner was attending at the time.
Below is the full list of winners, with all the information we have about them. If you believe that you or a family member won one of these medals contact Anne Wallace on 0141 276 9507 or e mail
1940s Medal Winners
J. Gardner,  Albert Secondary, 1945 and 1947
Ken Howie, Allan Glen’s, 1943
N. Nicoll, Bellahouston, 1943
J.Dorothy, Judd Broomlea School, 1946
E. Whyte, Clydebank Secondary, 1943
Maureen Sinclair, Craigholme, 1947
Jean Begg, Cumnock Academy, 1945
William Findlayson, Cuthbertson, 1944
Agnes Cunningham, Dumbarton Academy, 1947
Moira Haig, Dumbarton Academy, 1945
William J Winchester, Dumbarton Academy, 1944
J McKenzie, East Bank, 1943
Stuart M. Wallace, Eastwood Senior Secondary, 1946
Moira Duncan, Garnethill Convent School, 1947
Wm Ritchie, Govan High, 1943 and 1948
Morrison Woods, Govan High, 1947
Jas. Leslie, Greenock High, 1943
Barrie Gunn, Hamilton Academy, 1945
John Nutman, Hillhead, 1944
M.S. Harris, High School for Girls, 1945
H. Milligan, High School for Girls, 1944
J. Robinson, High School for Girls, 1943 and 1944
D. Simpson, High School for Girls, 1943
Patricia Anderson, Hutcheson’s Girls, 1944
Nita Carson, Hutcheson’s Girls, 1945
Eileen Milligan, Hutcheson’s Girls, 1945
Sheila MacCallum, Hutcheson’s Girls, 1946 and 1947
Moira Weir, Hutcheson’s Girls, 1945
Agnes Bryden, Irvine Royal Academy, 1946 and 1948
James Wilson, John Street, 1944
Ian Bloomfield, North Kelvinside Secondary, 1943
Catherine Wanless, North Kelvinside Secondary, 1945
Thomas Rankin, North Kelvinside Secondary, 1947
K. Whitham, Pollokshields Senior Secondary, 1945
James Flemimg, Renfrew High, 1943
Moira Black, Rutherglen Academy, 1945
Alexander McDowall, St John’s Grammar, 1948
Robert Gibson, St Mungo’s, 1945
F. Mc Gowan, St Theresa’s, 1945
D. Blechynden, St Vincent’s special school, 1944 and 1945
Fay Cooper, Shawlands Secondary, 1944
Alison Stedward, Shawlands Secondary, 1944
Peter Burnett, Summerton, 1946
William Scott, Victoria Drive 
Eliz Hewitt, Whitehill Secondary, 1944
John Moore, Whitehill Secondary, 1944
William R. Kelly, Whitehill Secondary, 1948
James Fleming, Woodside Public School, Hamilton 1945
Alan Wells, 1944
Irene Urquart 
John Dick, 1943
Ian Ferguson, 1946
S. McCabe
David Muir 
Noel Grey 
Kenneth Taylor 
Patricia McNeil 
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