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Glasgow Museums provides opportunities for students to access our collections, research and use our reference library at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre.

Please book your visit in advance. Get in touch with our Learning and Access team by calling 0141 276 9505 or 0141 276 9506 or email to book your day:​​

We encourage students to take part in our venue-wide programme of talks, tours and events. Find out more with our online Events Database. 

Exploring Museums – ASL Colleges
Exploring Museums invites young people to find out more about Glasgow Museums collection through group work, practical activities and group discussion.  Each course lasts for 3 sessions and encourages social interaction in a safe and stimulating environment. Work can contribute towards units such as Leisure and Travel and Skills for Work. 

Exploring Museums is available in all Glasgow Museums and costs just £50 for 3 sessions. Download the PDF for full details:
Exploring Museums brochure

Researching the Collection 
There are a number of ways you can carry out research on our collection. 
You can use our online Collections Navigator which lists a section of our collection. 

Or why not come into Glasgow Museums Resource Centre and use our Reference Library & Research Room. Find out all you need to know about accessing Glasgow Museums Collection for research at our Collections and Research section here​

University of the West of ScotlandArtist–Teacher​ Programme

GoMA is a partner of the UWS ArtistTeacher Programme and offers support by hosting seminars and lectures through our Learning and Access department. As a partner and a supporter of  the continual development of creative thinking through education, GoMA is delighted to host UWS’s yearly Artist–Teacher Exhibition.

Being a part of the Artist–Teacher Exhibition marks a significant moment in the professional development of new graduates of the UWS Master of Education ArtistTeacher Programme. It is also significant in terms of UWS’s partnership with Glasgow Museums and the National Society for Education in Art and Design who together, since it’s inception in 2010, have helped the ArtistTeacher Programme in Scotland to grow nationally and internationally. 

With Glasgow Museums as a partner, the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) has become the programme's natural home, sharing a mutual concern for the place of contemporary art and thereby contemporary issues in education - key drivers of the ArtistTeacher Programme.​  For more information please contact UWS here

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