About the Open Museum

About the Open Museum

The Open Museum is Glasgow M​useums’ outreach service

The Open Museum is based at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre. It takes Glasgow's museum collections beyond the museum walls and out into the community.

There are object handling kits, displays and exhibitions available for loan. Among the 4,000 objects on offer, you will find a hippo skull, a triple mousetrap and an ancient Egyptian necklace! 

It’s a free service that allows groups, venues and community event organisers in Glasgow to borrow museum objects and create  displays.

Travelling Displays

For an updated list of our Travelling Displays, download the document on the right of this page, under Related Documents.  Visit us around Glasgow. Find out where we are here​​​​​​​

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Ever wondered how an exhibition comes together? Create your own and find out!

The Open Museum team often works in partnership with community groups. And we are always ready to offer advice and support.

We recently assisted a group from Easterhouse create an exhibition on the local history of the area. Using objects from Glasgow Museums' collections, the group created a colourful, lively exhibition which is displayed in community venues in Easterhouse.

Why don't you give it a go? You decide what your display is about, what goes into it, and what you want to say. And you get our support and guidance the whole way!

If you have an idea for a project like this, or are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

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