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Gardener's Ark Art

Gardener's Ark: Cyanotype Picture

As part of the Gardener​​'s Ark project, the group participated in a range of activities, including art workshops.

Cyanotype workshop

The Open Museum brought to the hospital examples of rare and beautiful cyanotypes (light pictures) by Anna Atkins. Anna took her cyanotypes between 1843 and 1853. Her images inspired the group to create their own cyanotypes.

Group members collected plant specimens from their own garden. Then documented plant life in the same was that Anna Atkins had done almost 160 years ago.

You can read more about Anna Atkins on the Wikipedia website.

Still-life photography

The group members were inspired by the collection of still-life paintings at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC) to create their own works of art.

They brought prize-winning fruit and vegetables to feature in their still-lifes. They also selected rare ceramics from the stores at GMRC to set the scene.

After they composed their works of art, they captured them in photographs.

You can see the results by downloading the PDF files on the right hand side of this page.

You need to have software installed on your computer to download and view the files. You can download the software for free by following the link to Adobe's website.

The Still Life file is 600kb in size. The Cyanotype file is 700kb in size.​​​

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