Building the Ark


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Building the Ark

The Gardener’s Ark was inspired by seascapes and model boats in Glasgow M​​useums’ Collection.  

The group built the Ark using a traditional Scottish fishing boat design. They filled it with plants grown onsite at Leverndale Hospital.

You can download images created by the Adult Learners group as part of the project in PDF format.

You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer to download and view the files. You can download for free by following the link to Adobe's website.

The first shows the team Building the Ark, and the other two are handy step-by-step guides: How to Plant from Seed and How to Plant Garlic.

Building the Ark is 13.5MB in size. How to Plant from Seed is 600kb and How to Plant Garlic is 475kb.
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