Barlinnie Art Work

Barlinnie Art Work

Truck Art Symbolism

The artists were inspired by a particular genre of traditional Indian Folk Art known as Truck Art.  After a lot of research and much debate, the Artists decided to combine well known symbols and elements from both Indian and Scottish culture in an attempt to pay homage to the many Truck Artists throughout India and Pakistan and their incredible works of art.  Listed below is a short description of the contents of the panels and their meanings: 

  • ELEPHANT:  Symbol of Wisdom and the highest true self. 
  • PEACOCK: National bird of India.  Symbol of protection and Enlightenment. 
  • HEART: Symbol of Love and the Soul.
  • TIGER: National Animal of India.
  • LOTUS: Official Flower of India.
  • THISTLE: Official Flower of Scotland.
  • SCOTTISH and INDIAN flags.
  • LION RAMPANT: Symbolises bravery, valour, strength, and royalty.
  • OM SYMBOL:  Representing Divine Energy.
  • CELTIC SPIRAL TRISKELE: Symbol of Eternity.
Blue Panel by Albert M. Yellow Panel by Lauchlin C.

  • ​YELLOW:  sacred and healing.   
  • RED:  Purity and fertility.  
  • GREEN:  New life, hope, new beginnings.  
  • BLUE: Stands for power and life.  
  • PURPLE: Creativity.  
  • WHITE:  Stands for serenity, it is pure and soothes the eye and spreads the message of peace.  
  • BLACK:  Used to ward off negativity.

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