Keep on Trucking

Keep on Trucking

Keep On Trucking - A travelling display inspired by Indian truck art 

Inspired by Indian truck art and selecting beautiful objects from the museum collection, a group of writers and artists from HMP Barlinnie came together to curate and design a brand new travelling display for Glasgow Museums.
We worked with Motherwell College to invite creative writers and artists from the prison to work together on the project.  

“I've seen a real difference in some of them in terms of how engaged they are in education and having a positive impact upon their self esteem.”
Wendy Miller, Literacy Tutor, Motherwell College 

We have also worked with the Family Contact Unit at HMP Barlinnie and Families Outside on this project. Prisoners who connect with their families and community have a lower chance of re-offending. Working in partnership can support offender rehabilitation, helping to make our communities safer places.

“We are a group of prisoners from HMP Barlinnie. Please do not look down your noses at us. You know what they say: ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ As a group we are: outgoing, sporty, sincere, shy, down-to-earth guys who have made some mistakes. A lot of prisoners have mental health problems and learning difficulties. Some of us have grown up in care or come from broken homes. When you get the jail you lose your job and your home. Sometimes you feel trapped in a vicious circle of reoffending. People think that all we want to do is cause trouble. Actually nothing could be further from the truth.”
Andy D, Creative Writer, HMP Barlinnie

The display will begin its tour at Riddrie Library, before travelling around community venues in Glasgow over the next five years.
You can find out more about this work and see some of the results by following the links on the left hand side of this page.

Track where the Keep On Trucking display will be by following our Google Map link​ 

The project was inspired by the new acquisitions and commissions under the Art Fund’s RENEW scheme, including street and ‘truck art’ from Northern India.​Find out more​

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