Creative Writing and Poetry

Creative Writing and Poetry

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Creative Writing and Poetry

These Little Thieves - by Andy C.

There’s a troupe of monkeys
Macaque is their name.
They live in Gibraltar and India
Thieving is their game
They learn really quickly
Getting into your pockets and snatching bags
Give them a little more time
They’ll be walking and smoking fags.
When they see the tourists coming
They chatter and start going wild
These monkeys don’t care who they rob:
Man, woman or child.
Tourists try to take their photo
Or make a video that’s really funny
In a way the monkey thieves get part payment
Cause they can’t spend money.

Bronze Sculpture of Elephant Being Attacked by Two Tigers - By John Mc.

I am an elephant
I am largest of the land mammals which gives me great superiority
I can roam great areas
My vast size means that I can’t be easy prey
Some others see me as clumsy and gross
Leaving a great mess behind, feeding the smallest insects and bugs
Is beauty a reflection of our personality and individuality?
I swagger at a snail’s pace
I can cover a great ground
I think it’s cool that
We travel in herds and take care of our young

Tiger Cub - By Andy C

I am a tiger like a cat
I think I am beautiful but what others see as nice
I just think of them diced and sliced
Hiding in the river
The place that everyone has come for a drink
As they immerse themselves in drinking
They’re dead before they can blink
Then a wee Indian man comes along
Sees what I have done
Bang bang I’m just a tiger rug
As the bullets come out his gun.

Peacock Toy - By Mark H.

I am a peacock; I love to flaunt my beautiful tail
To attract the ladies I am different from other males
Other peacocks beware
Just because I am beautiful on the outside
Doesn’t mean I won’t attack to defend myself​


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