Provand's Lordship
3 Castle Street, Glasgow G4 0RB
0141 276 1625
Fax: 0141 552 4744


Monday CLOSED, Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday 10am–5pm, Friday and Sunday 11am–5pm


A view of the cloisters

Provand's Lordship also has the Cloisters. This is an enclosed, introverted space which is a perfect location to reflect the themes of the period in microcosm.  It forms an appropriate setting to this historic building.

Where Provand's Lordship is situated is also a busy location. As with these earlier gardens, the inward-looking nature of the design creates an oasis of peace and tranquillity in a hectic world.

The overall design objective was to interpret the spirit of the period by developing these themes using period features and materials. But using them in a modern and innovative way to create a garden which is contemporary, without resorting to pastiche.

The theme of 'withdrawal' is emphasised by the Cloisters. The Cloisters overlook the garden at a higher level. They contain and enclose the central parterre​ and provide an elevated (but withdrawn) vantage point for visitors.

The Cloisters also incorporate a ramped peripheral walkway for the Tontine Heads.



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